Home Made Vegan Cosmetics

Should you switch to home made vegan cosmetics

Cosmetics have become very popular in the home of late creating a relaxing mood and cosy environment. However as we all know many candles on the market are created using animal ingredients or derivatives and they are not really Vegan Friendly. If you are looking for Vegan cosmetics and Vegan Gifts then making your own soy candles could be the answer. Soy candles are are not toxic and they are not made from any animal products. Another good thing about using the soya candle is there is no sooting smoke given off like you get with paraffin candles. Moreover the do tend to last a lot longer than any of the candles on the market which are made with animal ingredients.

Making your own soya candles are not as hard as you would think either and they don’t require lots of tools and masses of ingredients. Moreover you have the choice of making the style of candle you want and even making it to fit a favourite ornament or jug. They are not that expensive to make either.

How to make Vegan Cosmetics.

The main ingredients you will need are some essential oils such as vanilla or lavender, some soy wax flakes and a wick. You’ll also need some equipment such as a glass bowl, saucepan and wooden spoon and also thermometer.

Vegan Candles

You’ll need to melt the wax by placing the flakes in a bowl over a saucepan with a little water in the bottom. Heat up the saucepan until the wax melts then add a little of the essential oils. You the get the container you are using for the candle and pour a little bit of wax into the bottom of the container. The drop in the wick so it settles in the wax and is coming out of the top of the container. Pour in the remaining wax and leave it to set for about 12 hours. Finally trim the top of the wick.

If you are looking for cruelty free and vegan cosmetics and Vegan Gifts why not give the soya candles a go you’ll be surprised what you can do with a little bit of wax!