Vegan Gifts what not to buy

So your best friend or your girlfriend, mum or sister has decided to follow a vegan lifestyle and you are looking for some ideal vegan gifts. Well don’t worry as there are now plenty of options for you to get them online and in the high street whether they are male or female, sporty or trendy, from make-up to diet to clothing there is everything out there. But you need to know what to look for, what to get and what are definitely no, nos.

I’d like to start by listing the gifts you should never buy someone following the vegan lifestyle. Firstly lets look at food that is non-vegan and the obvious meat, fish and dairy products hit the list but also be careful with honey, whey and anything that has an ingredient that is sourced from an animal. Cosmetics products and bath / body products are always a lovely gift to buy for men or women however you need to check that there are no ingredients like lanolin, or beeswax. Check out for the vegan friendly or cruelty free logo on these products to make sure they are free from animal testing.
Vegan Gifts

What about fashion for Vegan Gifts

Lets now look at Vegan Gifts that you can wear. Now if you are buying your loved one some clothes as a gift we all think of that silk blouse or silk tie but the silk is definitely not vegan friendly. Neither is the more obvious wool, leather or fear. Moreover if you are thinking of buying a coat check what it is filled with as many coats can have feathers or down in their lining.

You would think that if you opt for jewellery you’ll be safe however take care that there are no leather necklaces or watch straps. Also the old favourite necklace of pearls is not vegan friendly and also take care as today it has become fashionable to have feathers in jewellery.

If you decide on a household gift then candles are now a big seller on the High Street however be careful when you buy as many are made of beeswax or have paraffin in them. Why not try out making your own vegan candles.